Friday, March 23, 2018

It’s hard to talk about yourself, but I will try my best and promise it won’t be long like my speeches in class. 😂

I started BJJ when I was 14years old at Andre Pederneira team in Brazil, I got my black belt 3 years and half after that, I was only 17 years old. My coach, my teacher, my friend André Pederneiras was the only one I had in my career.

He told me once “Hey Man , he’s got two arms and two legs, just like your, so what can he do to you that you don’t know?” And I just decided to believe it. ☞ Jiu jitsu is my passion, my life, my hobby, my sport, my job.

I’ve been through a lot, believe me I shined a few times, but I also lost a few times too. When I lost I always knew that something I did wasn’t right, and I knew the answer “I could have pushed myself harder“ there is always an answer, it is to hard to accept that you are responsible for your own failure, but it is the only way to change it. You have to ask yourself what you could do better , it is the way to seek the right answers.

The black belt is just a belt , Royce Gracie said it best “it covers only 2” of your ass, you are responsible for the rest.“ I had and still having great achievements in my life, more than I could ask for, but I believe that I worked really hard for those , I don’t believe in luck.

Today my main goal is to see and help my students succeed at BJJ and life, and I hope they can learn something from me as I learn from them. 

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