Wednesday, April 23, 2014

April was a busy month, May up ahead!

Hey guys,

In April, Vitor Shaolin BJJ represented at both the Boston Open as well as the New York Open.

We did not have too many members competing, but several of those who did brought back some  medals.

Boston Open:

Richard Lam -- Bronze (First IBJJF medal achieved)
Sumit Bose -- Bronze (Some very dominating victories achieved)
Alex Ecklin -- Gold
Van Allen Flores -- Silver

New York Open:

Richard Lam -- Bronze
Nick Beatty -- Bronze
Jen Sung -- Bronze
Van Allen Flores -- Bronze
Chris Lackhan -- Bronze

If you competed and did not reach your goals, were not ready enough to compete, are now motivated to go out there, there is still time in May. The Big Apple BJJ Open is on May 17th, so there is still a few weeks to train to be ready.

You can register on


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