Wednesday, October 23, 2013

November is a big month for VSBJJA fighters and affiliates:

November is right around the corner and we are anticipating a great month of fights.

On November 9, well rounded Ryan LaFlare out of Long Island MMA is fighting in the UFC. Ryan is not only one of the toughest guys in the sport but also one of the nicest. We will be cheering for him!

You can watch his fight on FOX, for the full card (he will be on the main event), check out :

You can also read about Ryan here:

On November 15, VSBJJA student Sergio Da Silva will be making his Bellator debut. Sergio has been training for several years under Vitor Shaolin and Marcos Loro, and has been training MMA with Long Island MMA to prepare for this fight. He will be fighting at 135 on the preliminay card.

On the same date, VSBJJA instructor Marcos Loro is making his return to New Jersey to fight in Bellator. Loro is coming off a TKO victory in Brazil, and we are very happy that he is fighting in New Jersey again so that we can come support him. The fights will be at Revel in Atlantic City.

To view Loro's biography and highlight, check out:

If you would like to support the fighters you can purchase tickets on ticketmaster or talk to the fighters personally.



Go to the above link of the fightcard and press buy tickets.


Monday, October 21, 2013

Huge and successful belt test -- 10.18.13

With over 50 people on the mat, this was one of the biggest belt tests yet!

Everyone testing showed not only a lot of technique, but also a lot of heart.

Shaolin was very proud, and we also want to give a special thank you to association instructors Julio Rivera and Junior Ortega for producing hard working up and comers.

Thank you to everyone for the support! These guys would not be where they are without their training partners!


Monday, October 7, 2013

Titles and Promotions!

Vitor Shaolin accompanied several members of the academy to the annual Masters + Seniors World Championships.

We are happy to report back incredible results, with several medals as well as new belts.

Big congratulations to the following medalists:


Catherine Seto 
Evor Guevarra
Sarah Muhlrad


Angelo Cruz
Jen Sung
Wyman Chu

Catherine, Sarah and Angelo were promoted to purple belt on the podium, congratulations!

The fighters who did not place still made us proud and we are happy they fought hard!


Thursday, October 3, 2013

See what our members are saying about their training at Vitor Shaolin's Home BJJ Academy.
Although new into their training, they are all getting very tough!