Monday, March 18, 2013

Over the past weekend, Vitor Shaolin did a seminar over in Salt Lake City.

In a review, one attendee wrote something interesting that Shaolin said during the seminar :

"One of the first things that struck me and had the attendees laughing was Professor Ribeiro said that when you trained Jiu Jitsu with someone it wasn't chess! Instead Vitor said that it wasn't about "You move here, I move there and now its your move." Vitor emphasized that Jiu Jitsu was more like
Paintball than it was Chess and that you needed to give your best against your training partner and you needed to take the initiative and attack when training with someone."

Food for thought!


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  1. I like what Shaolin said about BJJ being more like paintball than chess. Do you have the exact quote by any chance? I feel this is a very important point. People go around saying BJJ is chess just because other people are saying it. Thank you!