Wednesday, September 8, 2010


I wanted to find an alternative to a Gym. A co-worker at my job passed away and it made me evaluate my life. He was only 10 years my senior but if you knew him you would swear he close to retirement age. The slow and sedentary lifestyle took its toll, If one disease didn’t kill him another was lurking in the shadows because of in activity. I did not want to go out this way. I didn’t want to leave my wife a widow to raise children alone because I was too lazy shape up. I wanted to do what kept me fit during my teens and early twenties. The answer was Martial Arts. I shopped around for several school and enjoyed the tour at each facility I then saw a flyer for a MMA expo being held at Jacob Javitz Center and I wanted to meet some celebrities, to reinforce the new love I had for MMA. a defining moment in my new life was when I took a Fan picture with Wanderlei Silva and was disgusted with my self. I dwarfed one of the most intimidating MMA figure. with my unhealthy girth. That chance encounter was the last straw the following week I walked to the school which coincidentally was down the block from my employer. Non the less at 297lbs with a pre-diabetic condition, fatty liver symptoms, simply put I was overweight. When I first started working out, I was always out of breath in the first 15 minutes. Heart was pounding in my ears. It was insanely difficult, but it was worth it. I knew each time I came to class to roll, I would be making myself better in some way.” The environment at Shoalin’s school fostered an environment of brotherhood and confidence. After 10 months I lost 50 lbs and now I am disappear in my clothing Do yourself the favor and join the Vitor "Shoalin" Riberio Jiu Jitsu family!”

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