Monday, September 15, 2014

IBJJF Rules Seminar at Vitor Shaolin's Academy -- 9.26.14

Hey guys, we are happy to announce that the main academy will be hosting the IBJJF Rules Seminar.

At Vitor Shaolin's academy, we abide by the rules set by the IBJJF. For safety purposes, some things are deemed illegal so if you are ever wondering what to do or not to do, this will be a good opportunity for you.

Hope to see you guys there!

Friday, August 8, 2014

Self Defense Seminar

Hey guys,

Last week Shlomi conducted an amazing self defense seminar. It dealt with awareness as well as knife and gun defense.

Shlomi is a very well rounded martial artist who has been training for over 30 years and we were lucky enough to have him share some of his techniques with us.

Here are some photos:

In the end of the seminar, in front of over 40 of those in attendance, Shaolin suprised Shlomi with a brown belt! Those who have trained with him know how well deserved it is. 

Tuesday, August 5, 2014

World Jiu-Jitsu Expo 2014: Shaolin faces Nino Schembri in a superfight of Jiu-Jitsu legends

Hey guys, Shaolin is back to competing. This time in a super fight against legendary fighter Nino Schembri. Shaolin and Nino are BJJ fighters who also were successful in MMA and have since opened up academies to continue their legacies.

This superfight will be at the World Jiu-Jitsu Expo in California.

For more info, take a look at this link from GracieMag below,

Monday, July 21, 2014

New York Summer Open -- Results

On 7.19.14, the IBJJF held their New York Summer Open

Several athletes from the academy did well.

Charles "Chuck" Christy
Erika Taggart
Andres Poveda

Folana Miller
Hannah McGuckin

Yanitza Osorio


Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Shaolin is to make his UFC debut as a referee on July 16 in Atlantic City!
Check it out!

MMA veteran Vitor Ribeiro to referee two UFC Fight Night 45 bouts

Esther Lin, Showtime
Vitor Ribeiro will enter the Octagon later this month, but he won’t do it as a fighter.
"Shaolin," a former Shooto and Cage Rage 155-pound champion, will referee a UFC fight for the first time at the UFC Fight Night 45 card in Atlantic City, N.J., on July 16, and he’s anxious to step inside the Octagon.
"I’m excited," Ribeiro told "I have a lot experience as a referee in Brazil, but I worked at some amateur events in New Jersey, and recently worked at a professional event in May, so they decided to put me on the preliminary card of the UFC."
"Shaolin" worked in more than a dozen MMA fights in Brazil and got a license to referee fights at the New Jersey State Athletic Control Board in late-2013. According to the MMA veteran, he worked in approximately 25 fights in the United States before getting the call to step in the Octagon.
Ribeiro, who has been the appointed referee for Jessamyn Duke vs. Leslie Smith and Yosdenis Cedeno vs. Jerrod Sanders at UFN 45, says that being a MMA veteran is not the only solution to fix judging errors.
"Being an ex-fighter is not the only solution. It helps, but you have situations where you have to use a replay, for an example," he said. "NFL and soccer are starting to use some technology now, and it helps a lot. That’s the way. But, until we get to that point, being a former MMA fighter helps a lot.
"It’s interesting to have someone with more knowledge on the grappling area, someone that knows what’s going on there," he continued. "(Ricardo Almeida) is a judge now, I’m a referee, so we’ll slowly advance in that area so we can let fighters work.
"Sometimes you can stop a fight earlier if you play only by the rules. You have to follow the rules, but you have to let them fight. We have good judges and good referees, like Herb Dean and Big John, but some don’t do a good job. I think the commission should also do some training."

Saturday, June 28, 2014

Congratulations to all new belts!

We had an excellent showing last night for the belt test! Congratulations to all new belts and from our affiliates, Omni Martial Arts and Bronx Jiu Jitsu!
We look forward to your journey to Black Belt!

Check out the pictures here:

Wednesday, April 23, 2014

April was a busy month, May up ahead!

Hey guys,

In April, Vitor Shaolin BJJ represented at both the Boston Open as well as the New York Open.

We did not have too many members competing, but several of those who did brought back some  medals.

Boston Open:

Richard Lam -- Bronze (First IBJJF medal achieved)
Sumit Bose -- Bronze (Some very dominating victories achieved)
Alex Ecklin -- Gold
Van Allen Flores -- Silver

New York Open:

Richard Lam -- Bronze
Nick Beatty -- Bronze
Jen Sung -- Bronze
Van Allen Flores -- Bronze
Chris Lackhan -- Bronze

If you competed and did not reach your goals, were not ready enough to compete, are now motivated to go out there, there is still time in May. The Big Apple BJJ Open is on May 17th, so there is still a few weeks to train to be ready.

You can register on


Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Big Apple BJJ Open : 5.17.14 -- Save the date!

Hey guys,

The Big Apple BJJ Open is happening again!

When: May 17, 2014

Where: 122 Amsterdam ave. New York, New York 10023 (Martin Luther King High School)

Contact Info: